Make a Reservation

Prices to rent Shelter House 1 (first coming into the park) or Shelter 2 (Stone Shelter with fireplace):

Monday-Friday:  $75                   Saturday-Sunday:  $90                Holiday:  $110


Prices to rent Shelter House 3 (Closest to the golf course):

Monday-Friday:  $65                   Saturday-Sunday:  $80                   Holiday:  $110


Rental terms:

1. Cancellation must take place at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled rental date.  No refunds issued due to inclement weather.

2. All damages, loss and/or breakage in building will be paid for by the tenant.

3. The MHCA assumes no liability for loss or injury.

4. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on the premises.

5. All activities must conform to local, state and federal laws and ordinances.

6. Shelter Rental Hours:  10am-9:00pm

7. All fireplaces and BBQ pits must be extinguished before leaving.


To reserve a shelter, please complete the attached shelter rental contract and mail to:

Renee Lemal

c/o Marland Heights Community Association

3521 Lindberg Way

Weirton, WV 26062